Press report of 27.03.2019

Vincent Logistics, a company based in B-4040 Herstal opens the first LNG home-based fuel station in Belgium.

In the pursuit of climate protection measures, the transport sector is in full development. Trucks on natural gas are part of the solution to reduce CO2 emissions, but mainly to reduce emissions of NOx and particulate matter.

It is with that approach that Vincent Logistics has taken the necessary steps to use natural gas for road transport. Together with the investment in natural gas trucks an investment is made in a natural gas fuel station for these trucks. The fuel station is equipped to refuel LNG (liquefied natural gas-liquefied gas) in natural gas-trucks.

LNG is a smart alternative to diesel: Less polluting, affordable and available throughout Europe. The new versions of the gas-trucks are like diesel trucks in comfort, horsepower, pulling power and action radius. Natural gas is a fossil fuel, but unlike diesel less polluting. It is one of the many links in the transition to a more sustainable economy and mobility.

"We see a natural gas vehicle as a far better choice than a vehicle on diesel," says Jean Vincent, owner of Vincent Logistics.

The LNG fuel station on our premises in Herstal and our fleet of natural gas vehicles are a significant investment in making our transport activities eco-friendly. The main reason for a fuel station on its own site is operational efficiency.

In Belgium, seven LNG service stations are currently operational. The station in Herstal on the site of Vincent Logistics is the first Home-base LNG service station in Belgium.

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