Cross Dock

Since 2018, in order to better meet the needs of the market, Vincent Logistics has been operating a new 3500 m² hall at its Herstal site, entirely dedicated to the transhipment of goods, also called "cross-docking".

Cross Dock - Logistics

Optimally located in the heart of Europe, Vincent Logistics receives, sorts and redistributes flows of goods coming from various warehouses and going to various delivery points throughout the Benelux countries, France and Germany. With 8 loading/unloading docks, our cross-docking service operates on a 24-hour cycle and is aligned with our customers' production processes in order to minimize the reactivity time between the time of the order and delivery to the end customer.

For many companies, reducing storage volumes and therefore costs has become essential! Whatever the scenario, our customers' goods remain in the cross-docking area for less than 24 hours. This is why cross-dock operations differ somewhat from traditional storage activities.

In addition, this organizational method makes it possible to reconcile the sometimes contradictory requirements of just-in-time production with the streamlining of transport costs.

 In order to offer the best service at the best price, Vincent Logistics combines its cross-dock activities with a flexible and efficient transport offer in order to reduce waiting times and response times as much as possible.

Every day, our customers' goods are collected from a multitude of suppliers. After unloading these shipments in the cross-docking area, the goods are sorted, assembled, packaged and reconsolidated by delivery address. By means of an EDI link system, our customers receive preliminary notifications regarding their product and quantities delivered.

In short, cross-docking offers high-density storage solutions, meticulous handling operations as well as efficient and fast order preparation!

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