Photovoltaic installation

Photovoltaic installation

For many years, Vincent Logistics has had its own photovoltaic installation.
Inaugurated in 2011, this installation optimally aligns with our company's strategy in terms of sustainable development and the fight against global warming.
Photovoltaic installation - Environment

Vincent Logistics has installed a total of 1,086 photovoltaic panels on the roofs of its warehouses in Herstal, amounting to a total capacity of 250 kWp. The production of these panels is entirely intended for self-consumption.

Environmental protection and ecological management.

The annual production of this installation amounts to around 225,000 Kwh, equivalent to the consumption of 55 households. In terms of CO2, this photovoltaic installation will prevent the emission of nearly 65 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The efficient use of resources such as water and electricity is as important to Vincent Logistics as its ongoing contribution to environmental protection, through strict waste reduction, close to 100% recycling of packaging, air purification and effective wastewater treatment.

Aware of its social responsibility, Vincent Logistics ensures both the protection of the environment and its ecological management. The use of renewable energies optimally aligns with this ambition...

The fight against global warming is everyone's responsibility!