Truck wash

Truck wash

Many years ago, Vincent Logistics implemented a global strategy for sustainable development and the efficient use of natural resources.
For both environmental and economic reasons, waste has no place at Vincent Logistics!

Based on this observation, we have put in place a series of procedures and equipment that help to limit water consumption in our transport and logistics activities to a minimum.

For a company like ours, regularly washing our fleet of lorries and trailers is a necessity and contributes to maintaining our good reputation with our customers. Nevertheless, the maintenance of our lorries also requires a very large volume of water consumption which, if nothing were done, would not be without impact for the environment!

In 2000, Vincent Logistics therefore decided to invest in its own truck wash. This modern installation is equipped with a high-performance high-pressure nozzle system that guarantees impeccable washing while minimizing consumption.

In addition, the station benefits from the latest equipment for the recovery, recycling and filtration of washing water in order to reuse it. Nearly 80% of the water consumed is thus purified and re-pumped into the system for future use.

In order to ensure consistency and efficiency, Vincent Logistics has also decided to recover as much rainwater as possible from the roofs of these buildings and store it in a 600,000-litre capacity reserve. This reserve supplies the washing station directly, which consequently does not use any distribution water except in the event of prolonged drought!