Vincent Logistics, a successful company built on the experience of its founder.
In 1999, following on from nearly 30 years of work devoted to transport, Jean Vincent decided to acquire 12 hectares of land in the Hauts-Sarts industrial zone. A year later, he set up Transport Logistique Service S.A. with, as its name suggests, the firm intention of developing an efficient service offer combining the transport and logistics needs of customers.
From the beginning, Jean Vincent and his wife were aware of their responsibilities as entrepreneurs towards society and the environment.
They have built up their company by imparting to all their employees values such as thoroughness, working with attention to detail and treating customers with respect!
To ensure the development of his companies, the Vincent family has always:
  • Listened to his customers and their needs
  • Carefully selected his teams of employees and has tried to prioritise local workers as far as possible
  • Regularly invested in the modernisation of rolling stock and infrastructure
  • Relied on technology to increase the efficiency and performance of the services offered while minimizing the impact of activities on the environment.
2007 marks an important milestone in the company's life! It changed its name to "Vincent Logistics S.A.". The company consequently incorporated all companies related to transport and logistics activities.
In March 2022, In order to secure its future and position itself favourably for future challenges, Vincent Logistics has decided to join the Berto Group. In practice, the Berto Group, based in Avignon (France), has acquired all the shares in Vincent Logistics, with Julian and Maxim Vincent remaining in charge of the operational management of the company; the strategic management will be carried out by the French group. 
Today, Vincent Logistics has a greater "passion for service" than ever before and employs around 280+ motivated employees, including 185 perfectly qualified drivers.
In addition to its two operating sites in Belgium, Vincent Logistics relies on its subsidiaries in Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Slovakia to build and develop a sustainable future that matches up to its ambitions!