About us

A passion for service for over 45 years now!

As a company active in the fields of transport and logistics, Vincent Logistics has specialized in several key sectors:
  • General Transport :  palletized and packaged goods
  • Custom Transport on a contractual base
  • Flatbed Transport of machinery and equipment of less than 28 tonnes.

Vincent Logistics' ambition has always been to rank among the best companies on the market thanks to modern facilities and infrastructure, state-of-the-art vehicles combined with optimized management processes and a constant spirit of innovation. 

The Vincent family, as manager of this traditional family business, are committed to ensuring the continuity of this success through strategic and organizational decisions, without getting lost in short-term profit considerations.

Our services are always in line with market needs. We want to offer our customers added value through innovative, efficient and personalised transport and logistics solutions, wherever and whenever possible.

To this end, we attach great importance to the best utility/cost ratio. Our objective is to establish strong and lasting partnerships with our customers. At the heart of our commitment are: flexibility, proximity and quality of service!

Cost-effectiveness and respect for the environment

Like most road transport operators, Vincent Logistics acts on a daily basis in accordance with the principles of economic profitability, while seeking economical and efficient solutions.

To this end, we are committed to integrating ecology into the heart of our activities:

  • by planning and developing appropriate, energy-efficient infrastructure
  • by investing in advanced vehicle technologies
  • by analysing and implementing efficient and environmentally friendly transport systems
  • by optimizing logistics processes.

By adopting continuous improvement processes according to ISO 14001 and CO2 conventions, we are continuously improving our efficiency level and act in compliance with laws in force.

A motivated team

Vincent Logistics is mindful of the professional development and improvement of the quality of work of all its staff. The stability, security and sustainable development of our employees are essential to us. In addition, the proper training of our employees, drivers and warehouse staff is the best proof of Vincent Logistics' commitment to its customers.

An ethical attitude

We are committed to behaving fairly, correctly, honestly and with integrity towards our employees, customers and suppliers, as well as the authorities and society in general in order to preserve our company's good reputation. Our corporate culture is built on respect, recognition and fairness!