Long vehicle

Long vehicle

Transport demand is growing and will pose a major challenge for mobility in the coming years!
Against this backdrop, Vincent Logistics decided several years ago to position itself as a pioneer in the use of "Longer and Heavier Vehicles" (Ecocombis) in the Benelux countries.
Long vehicle - Environment

We are convinced that this type of vehicle represents a future solution in the freight transport sector in Europe. Ecocombis can be an innovative alternative in terms of economics, ecology, respect for road infrastructure and road safety. In structured, modern and ecologically oriented countries such as Scandinavia and the Netherlands, a large number of such vehicles have already been in service for 25 years.

Ecocombis have a total length of 25.25m. The total ground weight is 60 tonnes with a payload of 40 tonnes spread over 8 axles.

Compared to conventional articulated lorries, the advantage is that 5 Ecocombis have exactly the same load capacity as 8 conventional articulated lorries. We can therefore directly recognize the significant impact both on ecology and on the cost of transport per unit transported.

Since 1 September 2017 and as part of a pilot project, Ecocombis have been authorised on certain sections of the road network in Wallonia. Recently, it has also become possible for us to provide services from Wallonia to Flanders.

Conclusion: it should be noted that well-structured production and distribution companies are very interested in the use of such vehicles since they have impressed with their advantages in terms of environmental compliance and also in terms of their distribution costs.