LNG Trucks

LNG Trucks

Better for the climate, the environment and health!
For many years, Vincent Logistics has been aware of climate issues and has been taking daily action to reduce the ecological footprint of its activities.

This is why Vincent Logistics has chosen to invest in the acquisition of trucks running on liquefied natural gas (LNG) for its long-distance activities.

With technological advances, LNG will undoubtedly be part of the future energy mix. In fact, LNG now provides a cleaner and more economically viable alternative to the use of diesel fuel over long distances. The use of LNG also significantly reduces emissions of gases and fine particles. Transport running on LNG already meets the emission standards that must be reached by 2025, therefore the use of LNG vehicles has a very significant head start  (- 20% CO²).

Choosing LNG has an immediate positive impact on the climate, the environment and health.

Following analysis and evaluation, Vincent Logistics opted for vehicles with a range of around 1600 km. In addition, the use of natural gas reduces fuel consumption by 15% compared to diesel, but it should be noted that LNG vehicles are very expensive to purchase being 45% costlier than a diesel vehicle.

In parallel with these remarkable results, trucks running on LNG have proven to be quieter than their diesel equivalents. At around 70 decibels recorded on the PQTT (Piek Quiet Truck Test) scale, this type of vehicle is therefore well suited to night deliveries, especially in urban areas...