Vincent Logistics, a young enterprise, forged from the experience of its founder. Mid 1999, after 27 continuous years devoted to transport, Jean Vincent decides to acquire grounds in the industrial area Hauts-Sarts. One year later, Transport Logistique Service S.A sees the light, with the strong intention not to limit itself to transport.

In 2001 the first warehouse is built. The line continues with the site in Eynatten integrated and a surface for outside storage is cast. In 2005, to worthily celebrate the 5th anniversary of the company, 4 more storage halls are built.

In 2007, change of name: Vincent Logistics becomes our brand name for all companies connected to our activities, and will remain that way in the event of our mergers/acquisitions.

In 2008 et 2009, we continue our growth with 2 new warehouses and an outside storage surface.

Today, besides our 2 Belgian sites, we are supported by our structures in Luxemburg and Slovakia in building a future at the height of our ambitions.

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